A google_compute_disks is used to test a Google Disk resource


most_recent_image = google_compute_image(project: 'debian', name: 'debian-8-jessie-v20170523')
describe google_compute_disks(project: 'chef-gcp-inspec', zone: 'zone') do
  it { should exist }
  its('names') { should include 'my_disk' }
  its('source_images') { should include most_recent_image.self_link }


Properties that can be accessed from the google_compute_disks resource:

See for more detailed information * label_fingerprints: an array of google_compute_disk labelfingerprint * `creationtimestamps: an array ofgooglecomputediskcreation_timestamp *descriptions: an array ofgooglecomputediskdescription *ids: an array ofgooglecomputediskid *lastattachtimestamps: an array ofgooglecomputedisklast_attach_timestamp *lastdetachtimestamps: an array ofgooglecomputedisklast_detach_timestamp *labels: an array ofgooglecomputedisklabels *licenses: an array ofgooglecomputedisklicenses *names: an array ofgooglecomputediskname *sizegbs: an array ofgooglecomputedisk` sizegb * users: an array of google_compute_disk users * physical_block_size_bytes: an array of google_compute_disk physicalblocksizebytes * types: an array of `googlecomputedisktype *sourceimages: an array ofgooglecomputedisksource_image *zones: an array ofgooglecomputediskzone *sourceimageencryptionkeys: an array ofgooglecomputedisk` sourceimageencryptionkey * source_image_ids: an array of google_compute_disk sourceimageid * disk_encryption_keys: an array of google_compute_disk diskencryptionkey * source_snapshots: an array of google_compute_disk sourcesnapshot * `sourcesnapshotencryptionkeys: an array ofgooglecomputedisksource_snapshot_encryption_key *sourcesnapshotids: an array ofgooglecomputedisk` sourcesnapshotid

Filter Criteria

This resource supports all of the above properties as filter criteria, which can be used with where as a block or a method.

GCP Permissions

Ensure the Compute Engine API is enabled for the current project.