A google_resourcemanager_folder is used to test a Google Folder resource

Examples do
  google_resourcemanager_folders(parent: 'organizations/12345').names.each do |name|
    describe google_resourcemanager_folder(name: name) do
      it { should exist }
      its('display_name') { should eq 'inspec-gcp-folder' }


Properties that can be accessed from the google_resourcemanager_folder resource:

  • name: The resource name of the Folder. Its format is folders/{folder_id}, for example: “folders/1234”.

  • lifecycle_state: The lifecycle state of the folder. Updates to the lifecycleState must be performed via folders.delete and folders.undelete.

  • create_time: Time of creation

  • parent: The Folder’s parent’s resource name. Updates to the folder’s parent must be performed via folders.move.

  • display_name: The folder’s display name. A folder’s display name must be unique amongst its siblings, e.g. no two folders with the same parent can share the same display name. The display name must start and end with a letter or digit, may contain letters, digits, spaces, hyphens and underscores and can be no longer than 30 characters. This is captured by the regular expression: [\p{L}\p{N}]([\p{L}\p{N}_- ]{0,28}[\p{L}\p{N}])?.

GCP Permissions

Ensure the Cloud Resource Manager API is enabled for the current project.